From new installations to those already existing in industrial and civil sectors. Parts and components are produced in-house and tested one by one, through specific and specialized electronic equipment.

The solutions offered by Gaia Coop, at the forefront of this sector, provide solutions that can save companies costs during assembly stages.

The design, construction and testing of the entire electrical system of the elevator, including the operation of all keypads, are subject to meticulous attention and inspection by the technicians at Gaia Coop.

The know-how acquired throughout the decades by the company in Cormano, whilst working in close contact with manufacturers of lifts and elevation systems, allows it to provide solutions of complete reliability to guarantee systems a perfect and safe working operation.

Bring up to standard all lifting systems/machinery: an obligation required by law for companies and civil installations

The Italian market concerning lifts is the most important in Europe and one of the most important in the world, just think of the 850,000 systems installed.Of these at least half have been installed for more than twenty years and require substantial renovation work. Companies must in fact comply compulsorily with all safety criteria requested.
It is a market that requires innovative solutions, not only for new installations, but also for the renovation and upgrading of all existing ones.
The interventions by Gaia coop allow you to:

• Minimize the downtime of the system
• Employ non-specialist staff
• All parts are produced internally and tested individually, with the assistance of specific electronic equipment.

The experience gained by Gaia coop, offered to new and existing clients, allows it to provide CUSTOM MADE solutions which are economically more advantageous for each company.


Gaia Coop  
Società Cooperativa Sociale – O.N.L.U.S. 
Via Giuseppe Mazzini 12,
20032 Cormano (Milano)
Tel.: 02 61 52 590 
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