Electrical panels and wiring for all types of installations and industrial machinery.
From design, to production, to installation.
Complete assistance for resolving any problems relating to electrical control systems for machinery in all industrial sectors.

Gaia Coop can provide everything that is needed for electrical systems regarding industrial machinery: from a piece of cable to the complete electrical kit, from the control panel to everything you need, including all mechanical accessories. It sources directly from manufacturers, technical departments and installers of machinery and systems. The company offers its customers a structured and highly reliable service, guaranteeing work carried out to perfection.

From ventilation and air conditioning systems to electro-medical systems, from gardening machinery to packaging and packing machinery, from painting booths to presses, from compressors to machinery for the food industry, from digging and earth moving machinery to lifting systems: the products and services offered by Gaia Coop can be found in every product sector.

Gaia Coop pays maximum attention to the design and manufacture of its products, which are an important and crucial part of the actual system, on which depends the proper functioning of the same system. For this reason Gaia Coop, in presenting itself to customers as a preferred partner, is becoming more aware of the centrality and importance of its services.


  1. 1. Quick response times
    2. Possibility to assembly on board systems at customers premises
    3. Ability to work using technical documents and specifications provided by the client
    4. Flexible order management
    5. Possibility to arrange deliveries to fulfill any urgent needs from the customer
    6. Ability to correctly interpret the exact needs of the client
    7. Production of goods both on consignment and subcontracted
    8. From mechanical assembly, to electrical wiring of components. Gaia Coop can offer the complete production.
    9. Regarding parts for subcontracting, together with wiring materials supplied by us, we can manufacture a complete or partial assembly for your machinery.
    10. The loyalty from the many companies Gaia Coop has worked for demonstrates our guarantee and quality of service
    11. Advice provided to find the best possible solution
    12. Each and every product that leaves our factory is tested from an electrical point of view as well as functionally.
    13. Possibility of final checks being carried out in our workshop using a system of computerized testing for wiring.


Technical competence and reliability, competitive costs are not just an option but a necessity for your company.

The reliability and expertise offered by Gaia Coop is further reason to use their services. It is a guarantee that the company from Cormano has given for years to all its customers, receiving appreciation and growing approval.


Gaia Coop pays a lot of attention to the look of electrical panels by using its vast and detailed experience from numerous applications in all industrial sectors, for both the final solution opted for and in choosing the most suitable materials.

Advice, interventions and products which stand out in the industry as they are based on the utmost quality and attention to detail possible, through structured and customized TURNKEY solutions. For this reason in choosing Gaia Coop means opting for one of the most advantageous companies on the market today. Offering a quality / price ratio which is hard to match.


Gaia Coop  
Società Cooperativa Sociale – O.N.L.U.S. 
Via Giuseppe Mazzini 12,
20032 Cormano (Milano)
Tel.: 02 61 52 590 
PIVA 05485120967

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